My Dolls

My Dolls
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Favorite Dolls

This is a partial list of my dolls.
I would say these dolls are definitely some of my favorites.

Ann and Andy
Ann was a thrift store find.  
Andy I got on eBay to match Ann.

From the same thrift store as Ann.

A makeover doll from ebay.

A thrift store doll

Effanbee Petite Filles Doll 1978

Ideal Ruth doll 1953
Found in a thrift store

China Baby Ellen 1973
Painted by my grandmother for me when I was a girl.

1975 Madame Alexander "Puddin" Crier Doll

Lisa and Sarah
1972 Ideal Crissy Dolls

April & Bethany
Ideal Velvet 1971 and Ideal Cricket 1970

1988 Effanbee Alice in Wonderland 9" tall

Finding Toni
1956 American Character Doll

Fixing Betsy
195? Betsy McCall Doll

1965 Effanbee Miss Chips Doll

1965 Effanbee Miss Chips Doll
Welcome Christa

1995 Baby so Beautiful by Playmates
Hello Sofia


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful Brenda! I had the Madame Alexander doll, "Puddin." She was a Christmas gift from Santa. I LOVED Puddin, my all-time favorite, sadly my dog ate her hands. : (

Brenda and Sophie said...

Oh no! Poor Puddin! I loved all my dolls when I was a little girl and I love all my new pre-loved dolls now. They are such a joy to me.