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Monday, June 29, 2015

A little place of her own

This is Alice
 We introduced Alice in an earlier post.

 She is an Effenbee 'Alice in Wonderland doll'.
Here she is in her original outfit.

Alice has been hanging out in my sewing room.

I found these 2 little wicker seats at a thrift store and
I thought they might be Alice's size. Which started me 
thinking that she really needs a little place of her own.

 I had this homemade piece that was originally going to be
an American Girl couch.  I found it on a shelf in the garage.
I painted it pink and added the ruffle for a daybed.

 Added a mattress...

 Made a mini-quilt.

 Added some pillows

 While I was at it, I made some cushions for the wicker seats.

And here is Alice in her little room.

Something new!

 I finally finished Alice's second dress.
This is all hand sewn with needle and thread.
I just find it easier for this small size dress.

 She has a matching bonnet.

  Here you can see a new background/wall for Alice's room.
Although it is a bit dark and I may change it.

She also has a green box as an end table and a Cheshire Cat.
She has a carpet and...

A new wardrobe for her little dresses!

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