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My Dolls
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My latest thrift store finds

First is this very sweet 14" Raggedy Ann.
She appears to be handmade.

 I loved how her dress was made of different fabrics.
She is a very unique Raggedy Ann which made me pick her up.

 She has a hand embroidered face and her yarn hair is very well done.

Sadly she had a tag stapled to her hand and grease pencil
on her arm.

Second is this 14" Melissa & Doug doll.
I found her at the same thrift store as Ann.

The Melissa & Doug doll had this grease pencil price mark.
Ick, why would they do that?

 She was a little dirty, but no odors at all.

Her hair was not too bad, but looked like it was never taken out of these
rubber bands.  It was a real struggle to get them off.

Here she is with her hair washed and a little homemade sundress.
Her face is precious!

Here she is next to my other 14" dolls.
You can see she is closer in height to the Les Cheries doll.

 Her arms are a bit thicker, so she didn't fit into my
other 14" doll clothes.

 One cute feature is her little wiggle toe.
Her right big toe is slightly lifted as if she were wiggling her toes.

 Her hair is nice and long, but a bit rough on the ends.
Still deciding if she needs a trim or not?

Here she is with my other three 14" dolls.
We are going to call her Rebecca - or just Becca for short.

Post Script: Rebecca has been given to my neighbor's granddaughter.
She is very happy to have a girl to play with.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A New Doll

In the very first post on this blog I talked about
 how my love for dolls started when I was a girl.
My Grandmother, a china painter, gave me this hand painted China Baby doll.

This would have been around 1972 or 73.  I was frustrated because Mom and Grandma said I couldn't play with this doll, she had to stay in Mom's china cabinet. WHAT!?!
You see, Grandma was a doll lover.  She never forgot her lovely doll that got broken when she was just a girl in the 1920s.  A doll something like this lovely below.

So the very next Christmas Grandma gave me this doll.
Gabrielle very soon became my very favorite doll. She was plastic, not china.
I spent hours washing her hair and setting it in curlers and washing her clothes.
My one wish was that she might have had more dresses.
At some point I grew "too old" to have dolls anymore and she was given away.

Move ahead quite a few years.  

When our daughter was turning 8 my husband and I bought her an American Girl doll.
This is Sophie and her doll Grace.
I fell in love with dolls again.  There was the same smell and the same silky hair. 
Not long after Sophie got Grace, I found this Molly at a thrift store, best day EVER!
 Molly's makeover
Molly was wearing her green velvet Christmas dress when I found her.  I had a flash of a memory.
I was taken back to my own doll who wore a green velvet Christmas dress.
After a lot of research I found out my childhood doll was an
 Effenbee Petite Filles doll named Gabrielle.

So recently I was searching eBay and guess what I found?

A Gabrielle doll in all her original clothes!
This is her picture from the eBay ad.
Of course I purchased her, she was an incredible deal.
She was made in 1978, is 16" tall and made of plastic.

When she arrived she smelled musty and her hair was dull and matted in back. 
She had very dirty eyes, some white spots on her skin and half her lashes had been wiped away.
Her body color doesn't quite match her face color either, ah well.
Nothing I had not expected, but not bad for a 37 year old plastic doll.

 I gave her a baking soda wash avoiding her eyes.
I washed her hair with wig shampoo and used the spray 
conditioner before putting her in rollers. You can see the shine is back in her hair already.
I washed her clothes by hand in cold water to try and get the musty smell out.
Then I left Gabby and her clothes to dry overnight .

Next morning, here is the first curl - very shiny!

 Gabby dressed back in her velvet outfit.
 Nice bonnet details. I dared not wash her bonnet so it will
Stay a bit musty.

 Her hands are a baby doll style.
She has an odd face shape, very dished with exaggerated cheeks.

Gabby's shoes and undies. Her spats are removable with snaps.

Here is a before & after.
I repainted her lash details and balanced
out the white spots so they are less noticeable.
I carefully cleaned her eyeball with rubbing alcohol.
Definitely better.

My greatest wish when I had my original Gabby was that she could have more dresses
Here is her first new dress!
 I thought the small burgundy flower pattern would complement her coloring.
 I made her a little drop pendant to wear on a ribbon.

My memories of Gabby were that she reminded me of an American Girl Doll.
Here she is next to my Pleasant Co. Molly.
You can see there are some similarities

And here is another dress I made for her.
And this is Gabrielle!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hearts for Hearts 14 Inch dolls

This is the "Hearts for Hearts Girls" doll line.
Left to Right
Rahel, Shola, Mosi, Lilian, Tipi
Nahji, Dell, Lauryce,Consuelo and Zelia

I was lucky to find 2 dolls still on the shelf at a local Toys R Us store.

We chose Dell, who we renamed Amy Adelle

And Mosi who we renamed Layla Lily

These dolls were produced by Playmates Toys.
I say 'were' because, sadly, they are no longer in production.

A portion of the sale price of each doll sold would go towards helping real girls in the countries the dolls represent.  

What a great idea, but sadly it didn't pan out for the toy company, 
or these dolls would still be on the shelves.

This has made them very interesting to collectors.  
They are now going on Ebay and Amazon from around $40 on up.  

Nahji, the Indian Doll, is now very rare and sells for over a $100 new.

I personally love the Hearts for Hearts Girl dolls.  
They are well made with lovely features.  
Their eyes are beautiful, although I have read that some dolls eyes have a tendency to turn different colors. So far no trouble with my 2 dolls, but it is early days with us.

Their hair is rooted, but very nice and shiny.  The hair is soft and brushable.  
Our Amy fell into this lake and I had to wash her hair.  (fishy smell)
It retained it's curl and looks just as beautiful as before.
We have made some clothes for our dolls using patterns we found online for free.
Pinterest is a great place to find free doll patterns.

Here is the pattern for the top Layla is wearing below.
Print it out on 8.5 x 11" paper.  
(I skipped the pocket)

 These dolls can also wear almost any other clothes for 14" dolls like
Groovy Girls, and Corelle Les Cheries Doll clothes.
I have also found lots of reasonably priced clothes on Etsy and Ebay.

Some other options for 14" doll clothes:

Below is a Build a Bear dress I made over to fit our H4H dolls

AND another clothes makeover from Ebay.

I just wanted to share the little I have learned about Hearts for Hearts Girl Dolls.
I recommend them as a play doll or as an addition to a collection.