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My Dolls
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My latest thrift store finds

First is this very sweet 14" Raggedy Ann.
She appears to be handmade.

 I loved how her dress was made of different fabrics.
She is a very unique Raggedy Ann which made me pick her up.

 She has a hand embroidered face and her yarn hair is very well done.

Sadly she had a tag stapled to her hand and grease pencil
on her arm.

Second is this 14" Melissa & Doug doll.
I found her at the same thrift store as Ann.

The Melissa & Doug doll had this grease pencil price mark.
Ick, why would they do that?

 She was a little dirty, but no odors at all.

Her hair was not too bad, but looked like it was never taken out of these
rubber bands.  It was a real struggle to get them off.

Here she is with her hair washed and a little homemade sundress.
Her face is precious!

Here she is next to my other 14" dolls.
You can see she is closer in height to the Les Cheries doll.

 Her arms are a bit thicker, so she didn't fit into my
other 14" doll clothes.

 One cute feature is her little wiggle toe.
Her right big toe is slightly lifted as if she were wiggling her toes.

 Her hair is nice and long, but a bit rough on the ends.
Still deciding if she needs a trim or not?

Here she is with my other three 14" dolls.
We are going to call her Rebecca - or just Becca for short.

Post Script: Rebecca has been given to my neighbor's granddaughter.
She is very happy to have a girl to play with.

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