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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Boil Perm for my1953 Ideal Ruth Doll

This is a 1953 Ideal Ruth doll, but I call her Belinda.

She had very straight saran hair.

I tried a cold water curl with small rollers.

all I got was a soft wave, so I debated for a few days about whether to try a boil perm.
I read mixed results with this type of saran hair, but decided in the end to try it.

Here she is all rolled up.
I actually dipped each curl in 
a shallow dish of hot water that I heated in my kettle.
It was not actually boiling water, but just less than a boil.
Each curl has to be saturated with the hot water.
The next day I had to create reasons to stay out of the house 
so I would not be tempted to unroll her too early.

My patience paid off!
I love her new curls!

Here is the back.

I'm very happy with how Belinda looks with her new curls.

Here she is with her pals Gabby and Annie

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