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Sunday, September 13, 2015

1953 Ideal Ruth Doll

This is a 1953 Ideal Ruth Doll.
She has a hard plastic body and a vinyl head with rooted hair.

She came in this vintage red print dress.

She has saran hair, which is in amazing condition.
(saran hair is a form of nylon strand hair that is very dense)

 She has a couple dark spots.  Here and...


 Her legs are fine and she had her shoes!
I listed her on eBay with the pictures above and she didn't sell.
(I know what was I thinking?)

So, I made her a new dress thinking this might make her more appealing to buyers
And then I said to myself, "She's adorable, why am I selling her?"
At this point we decided to keep her and call her Belinda.

 I wanted to curl her hair and first tried these sponge rollers.
Not much happened.

 Next I tried smaller perm rods.
I am trying these curls with just cold water, but may try a boil perm.
Here is a good tutorial with photos:
How to do a Boil Perm

Well, after 2 days in curl rods all I got was some slight waves.
I am still a bit scared of doing the boil perm though.

Anyway, I made this new dress for
Belinda and found a pair of socks that fit her.

 I made this using Kirsten's dress pattern with Molly's collar.
There is a link to download these patterns here:
American Girl Doll Retired Patterns

 And, here are some more shots of the first dress.

 She has such a sweet face.

She reminds me of one of Marcella's Dollies.

A great find and a great addition to my collection!


Barbara said...

This reminds me of a doll I had as a girl. I can't remember what kind of doll she was exactly. I'm glad you decided to keep this doll.

Brenda and Sophie said...

I'm glad I decided to keep her too. It brings me joy every time I look at her.