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Monday, September 07, 2015

Another Thrift Store Doll

I found this little girl at a thrift store.
 She is a 16" Lissi Puppe Doll from West Germany.
She is vinyl with a white cloth body, very soft and huggable.

 She was still in her box with her certificate and hang tag.

 She has high quality rooted hair.

 She is more of a baby doll than a fashion friend doll like AG.
She had a smudge of dirt on her nose, but it came off with water on a soft cloth.

 She has a plump soft body 

Very long pretty hair

 She fits into American Girl Doll 18" clothes.

 Some of the AG shoes fit.

 Here's another view of her hair.

 Here she is side by side to an AG doll.
She definitely has more of a babydoll face!

I think she is a very nice play doll, but I hate that her cloth body is white
and shows under some doll clothes that are not high necked.

NOTE:  This doll has gone to live with my niece!

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