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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Doll Shoe Sizes

I have had a great time lately with my thrift store doll finds and eBay purchases, but finding shoes for them in the right sizes has been a puzzle.  Many of the shoe sizes listed on eBay and other sale sights have varying measurements and sizing that don't always agree! I have tried to make up a chart for the doll shoes I KNOW.  This is just about what has worked for me and my dolls.  
So I hope this might help someone else.
I have found that it is better to go by inch or mm measurements than by shoe size.
For example I have found a 54mm shoe called a Size 8 AND a Size 6.  So when in doubt measure!
Here is a more exhaustive chart from another website.  

The chart I have made below focuses mainly on my personal doll collection shoe sizing experience.
I started this chart to keep by my computer when I am shopping for doll shoes.
If you print this out make sure the 1 inch box measures 1 inch.

 Here is my Effanbee 15" doll and my two Crissy Dolls
Believe it or not, all three are wearing the same size shoe. 
58mm - 2 3/8"

Even though my Crissy's have a narrower foot
than my Effanbee, they work for both.

My Effanbee has a wider foot, but also a slightly shorter foot.
The next size smaller is 54mm and it is definitely too small for my 15" doll.

Here is my 15" Effanbee next to my 14" Hearts for Hearts Doll.
You can see that the 15" doll's foot is wider.

Here are the 2 sizes side by side.
Left is 58mm, the right is 54mm.

This is the pink 54mm shoe on my Hearts for Hearts doll.

This is a 65mm shoe on my 17" Ideal Ruth Doll.
I thought for sure she would be able to wear my AG doll shoes.

In this picture you can see that her toes do not really go to the end of the shoe,
but the next size smaller is 58mm, again, too small.

This is my Effanbee 9" doll.
She wears a 28mm shoe.
Both her 2 pair of shoes I got off 8" dolls from thrift stores.

Well, I found buying doll shoes was not all that simple, so I hope this helps someone else!


Anna Wesson Etters said...

Thanks so much for your helpful sizing on doll shoes. I still feel a bit overwhelmed.
I shouldn't, you know. I have been collecting for the last 40+ years; ever since my dear sweet Mama let me know in no uncertain terms "you are a big girl now. Far too big to be playing with dolls! My word! People will think you're a baby, and we wouldn't want people to think that a 13 year old is a baby playing with her dollies now, would we?"
I loved my mother and have tried to be appreciative for what she did for me. I have appreciated the fact that she cared about me, but my love for dolls has followed me throughout my life.
I do so love finding gems such as yours!
I have roughly 200 dolls in my collection and at present am working on finding and re-dressing dolls in handmade costumes, shoes, etc and replacing raggedly hair. I'm having a wonderful time doing so. Hard plastic dolls are wonderful liitle pieces of time, don't you think?

Brenda and Sophie said...

WEll Anna, I love dolls too. I am much too old to play with dolls but I can't help myself. They are so precious. I do a lot of restoring of dolls I've found in thrift stores - those are my favorites. Glad you like the blog and hope you come back again.