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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Repairing a crack in a plastic doll

My recently purchased Cricket doll.
I was SO happy to receive my Cricket from the Nice Twice Doll Shop ,
but when I undressed her for cleaning I found a crack in her bottom!
Normally I would have resold her and looked for a replacement, 
BUT Cricket dolls are very hard to come by and this Cricket had almost perfect hair!

Here is the split in the plastic. This is not uncommon in vintage plastic dolls.
The plastic becomes brittle over time.
My fear was that the split would worsen if the leg was rotated
and cause further damage.
I needed to stabilize the plastic before that could happen.

I went online and did some research.
I found one doll site that used a plastic paste to repair plastic dolls.

Then I found another site that used 'Liquid Nails' paste,
Apparently the Liquid Nails bonds with the plastic.
Other adhesives will eventually peel away.
I decided to try the Liquid Nails.

 I decided to try as small a patch as I could manage.
I cut a piece of fabric close to her skin tone.

 Next I created a fabric band-aid with the Liquid Nails.

I inserted a piece of card stock paper into the leg seam 
to keep the Liquid Nails from freezing her leg joint.
There is also a small piece of paper inside the split for the same reason.
After applying the band-aid, I generously slathered more Liquid Nails over the repair area.
So there is Liquid nails both underneath and on top of the band-aid.
Then I put her someplace safe to dry overnight.

Next day I removed the paper and sanded the patch lightly.  
After sanding I applied paint in her skin tone.  
I think after one more coat of paint it won't be bad at all!

Best of all I can pose my Cricket doll without (hopefully) worsening her condition!


ConnieJen said...

What type of paint and shade did you use?

Kimmee said...

I enjoyed the tutorial but wondered if you contacted the Nice Twice doll shop to let them know that the doll had an undisclosed split. I am a long term buyer and seller of dolls and I would want to know so that I could make it right. Thank you , Kimmee

Brenda and Sophie said...

@Connie, I used acrylic artists paint on the repair. It was a peach color.

@Kimmee, Yes, I did contact the Nice Twice Doll shop, she was GREAT! Very helpful and refunded part of the purchase price.