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My Dolls
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Velvet and Cricket

Here they are!

I found Velvet on Ebay.

 Velvet was a little musty smelling,
so she got the usual baking Soda bath and hair wash.

Careful to avoid getting water inside her head or eyes.

Here is Velvet all washed and dressed.

I found my Cricket online at
Here is Cricket's photo from the doll store.
Even in this picture you can see the dress is sun faded
as well as her face and hair.

Her hair was frizzy on the bottom.
She was wearing her original bridesmaid outfit
including her veil and bouquet!

Cricket got the usual cleaning.
 Here she is, a bit faded.
 Cricket was obviously stored in a sunny spot.

 Here she is with a little lip color and
cheek color to brighten her up.

 Cricket's hair came out beautiful!
The ends are still slightly frizzy but barely noticeable.
I believe she was mostly kept on display, so her hair was almost like new!

I have named these two April and Bethany
So pretty!
(BTW I made both their new dresses)

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