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My Dolls
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Place for Toni

Alice has a new bedroom on the small bookshelf in the doll room.
Alice was very lonely and wished she had someone to take care of her.
So Toni is going to adopt Alice and be her Mom!

BUT, Toni needed a bed!  SO...

 I had this See's Candies box which was just the right size.

I cut the lid to create a canopy headboard. 

 Added a mattress.

 I glued blue satin fabric inside the headboard/lid.

I created a small ruffle and stitched that to a piece 
of fabric, long enough to go all down the back of the headboard. 

 Here is a close-up of the front view.

 Then I added 2 side panels.

I finagled around with it until I had covered the headboard all around.
I tacked the bottoms of the curtains in place with hotglue.

 And, here is Toni's new room!
 I tried for a 1950s style bedroom for Toni.

 I covered a little box for a side table.
I may make a ruffled table cover, but ran out of time today.

And here are both Toni and Alice's rooms.
A third shelf will be their living room, I just need 
some furniture.

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