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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chairs forToni and Alice

So I wanted some chairs for the little living room.
I had these clear plastic cups and thought they might work.
I cut away the front of one cup to create the chair back.
AS you can see I hotglued one cup onto another.

 I hotglued fabric starting in back and wrapping the top of the chair.

Here I carefully folded and glued the fabric onto the chair back.

 Next I gathered some fabric into a skirt, 
but you could also just glue the fabric flat onto the cup.

My chair was too tall so,
 I trimmed the bottom cup so that it matched the skirt length.

 Here is my chair so far.

 I laid my chair on my fabric and drew around the back to get a
shape for my seatback cushion.

 I drew another mall circle for the seat cushion.
I cut 2 pieces for each cushion.

The seat back I sewed onto some thin batting,
but you could just stuff with batting or even just glue it straight onto the chair.

 And here are my two new chairs, and a tuffet made from a wooden spool.
Toni is very happy with her new living room.

And here is a view of the whole house.

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