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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Betsy McCall knee crack repair

This is my Betsy McCall doll.  You can see her restoration by clicking this link.

She had these knee splits on her left leg.

 I used some aluminum foil to protect her joint.

 I used some liquid nails as a first try.
I just wanted to stabilize the knee so the cracks would not get any worse.

I dabbed some liquid nails into the cracks and left a ridge across the top of the knee.

This is the dry liquid nails after I removed the foil.

This is her knee after initial sanding.

Slightly blurry but here is her knee after sanding.
I used an emoryboard for sanding.  
The repair is so small I don't plan on painting the fix.

 Here she is all done!
The cracks are slightly visible, but stabilized.

Oh yes, she also has some new shoes.

Alice and Betsy both have new shoes!

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