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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some jewelry for my Miss Revlon Doll

Camellia did not come with any jewelry, so I decided to make some.
I made this set to go with her yellow outfit.
  I have seen Bakelite jewelry in these colors from the 1950s.

 Bracelets with dangles.

I love these lemon drop earrings!

She also has some kiwi fruit earrings, too cute!

 Oh, and I made her some casual shoes for her yellow skirt.

 I made this pink set for her pink dress.

She has crystal earrings and...
some pearl earrings.


Jewelry pliers and cutters,  memory wire, jewelry 
pins with flat heads and ring heads.

 Put beads on a flat pin.

 Use your pliers to bend that wire over a ring pin.

 Bend the wire til it meets back at bead opening.

For the necklace clip off one loop of memory wire.

 bend one end over and make a small loop.

 Add beads to go all round your dolls neck.

 I like to add dangles to my loops.
Note: the bracelet is made just like the necklace just smaller.

All finished!

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