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Friday, August 19, 2016

Another Miss Chips I Couldn't Resist

I saw this doll when I was researching Miss Chips online.
She was still on eBay the other day and so I made an offer on her and they accepted!

 Here she is just opened the box.

 Her face is faded and her clothes need freshening up.

She look so sad!
She definitely needs some color on her face.

 Her hair is really matted in back.

 When I undressed her there was a nasty crack on her back.

I put her clothes in to soak.
That is a lot of years of dirt and dust!

I decided to clean her before working on the crack.
We used our usual cleaning products.

Hair wash first.

 Here she is all fresh and brushed.

Her hair is in pretty good shape.

 I laid her dress and apron out to dry.

 I used a fabric 'bandaid' covered in Liquid Nails.
The Liquid Nails bonds with the plastic and the fabric 
I used the clamp to try and hold the plastic together, but 
not all together successful

 Eventually I got the clamp in a slightly better position and 
after drying overnight, it looks pretty good.

There was another smaller crack here
which seems to be holding well.

Here are the 2 Miss Chips side by side.
You can see how much the new doll has faded.

 Here she is with some fresh lip and cheek color!
Much better, she doesn't look sad anymore.

 Here she is back in her original dress.

Very pretty!

 And here she is in a borrowed 18" doll dress.

 These are shoes I bought for Cricket and Velvet, but they fit
the Miss Chips dolls too.

 Here are both my Miss Chips wearing
two new dresses I made for them.

Now I need a name for our Newest Miss Chips.....

I was thinking maybe,


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty girl! I vote for Christa.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Fawn, I am very pleased with her results. It's amazing how a little color transforms a doll. Crista, hhmmm, yes I agree, I like it too.