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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Miss Chips is here!

Remember this doll?
Well I got her!
She is a 1965 Effanbee Miss Chips Bride Doll

 Here she is just arrived.

 I can't wait to get to work on her!

Her bouquet and headpiece are quite fragile, so 
I will do some research on how to refresh them.

She has stockings and satin slippers.

 I got a nice note from the seller.


Here is her hair in back.
She is in great condition, but needs a bath.

 She had this white fuzz on her eye lashes.  
I brushed it with a dry toothbrush and it came off.

 I put her dress and underthings in to soak.
I used cold water and a little dawn.
I washed and rinsed about 4 times, then added 
a tiny bit of bleach in the last rinse.

 She was a bit dirty, this is just from the elastic waist of her slip.
Over time it can deteriorate and leave a mark.

I washed her hair with wig shampoo and conditioner.

 Her body was washed with baking soda and water - carefully avoiding her eyes.

 Here she is in a borrowed nighty and penoir.
She seems to be able to wear some of my Miss Revlon clothes!


Well Miss Chips has had all night for her hair and clothes to dry.

Her gauze slip was a little undone by the wash, but
the elastic is deteriorated anyway,

 SO I borrowed an
extra slip from my Miss Revlon, Camelia.

I also had this little bustier I made for
Camelia, but it fits Miss Chips very nicely.
 Her hair has become straight, but I will recurl it later.

 Here she is in her underdress and a veilette I put together.

She is wearing a pearl necklace borrowed from Elizabeth Cole.

Here she is with her overskirt - so pretty!
The fabric kept its body and has a nice full skirt.
I made her a bouquet as well,
just until I see how to freshen up her original.

Very pretty!

Her satin slippers are also on the freshen up list,
so she borrowed these little white shoes.

 Here she is in some more borrowed clothes.
This is an AG sweater and Miss Revlon capris.

 Cute hairband and necklace.

 These shoes I found also fit her.

 She can also fit in Crissy's tops and dresses!
 Here she is in one of Crissy's favorite dresses
and matching headscarf.

 Here she is with re-curled hair!
The curl came back great!
And this is another Crissy dress,
which looks great on her!
Very pretty!

Now she needs a name, I can't keep calling her Miss Chips.
I was thinking about

Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Once again you have worked your magic! She is lovley!
I like the name Charlotte.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Fawn, I do enjoy making these lovelies new again. Not that this lady needed a lot of work, just a freshening up. You and I are in agreement, I was really settled on Charlotte as well when I read your comment. Charlotte it is!

Brenda and Sophie said...

PS - I must say that her hair curled SO fast I was able to take the rollers out while it was still damp. I just left the curls to dry. SHe has some wonderful curls now.