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Thursday, September 01, 2016

A new dress and shared dresses too!

 A new paisley dress for Cricket.

 I have been doing a lot of gingham trim lately.

I am thinking this pink ribbon is maybe too pale?

Remember this dress?
Christa's dress but fits Crissy too!
It looks so nice.

 So pretty Crissy!

   And what about this dress?
I made this for Christa, but I think it
looks better on Velvet.

I definitely like it better on Velvet.

Velvet's coloring is better for this brown color.

Here they are together.
Same pattern for both dresses.

  I'm trying to decide on a pink ribbon or a green ribbon on
Cricket's new dress?

  Hmmm, can't decide.

 Maybe a pink flower button? Hmmm?

 Or a big pink bow? Nope.

Or this green flower button?
I kind of like this one...?

Anyway! Here are all three girls together.

This is the pattern for the short dresses above.
It is a free pattern I found on Pinterest.
Not in English, but you can figure it out 
with basic sewing skills.

When I make it for Crissy dolls, I make it slimmer
by folding down part of the pattern from the armhole .


Anonymous said...

Lovely post. The dress is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Very nice job. Pretty dress on a pretty doll.

Anonymous said...

The dress turned out great. Cricket is pretty.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Joan!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Marilyn! I do enjoy making doll dresses

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Marion I admit Cricket is one of my favorites.

Elle said...

Green ribbon!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Elle! I needed some input about that dress. I usually can see right away what an outfit needs, but this one obviously eluded me! ha