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Friday, December 02, 2016

Some things lost and somethings new

I recently did a really dumb thing.  I put a small box in the donation bag without looking inside.  I didn't bother because it was so light I was sure it was empty.  SIGH, I didn't think how little small doll clothes would weigh.  Yes, I accidentally threw out a whole batch of doll clothes I had made.
These 2 dresses were in the box.

These 2 nightie and robe sets.

These shoes I had made.

  This plaid dress and her 1956 wool coat!

 This evening gown.

 This little dress.

And this original Alice in Wonderland dress!

Well, I was distraught, as you may imagine. It is not the dollar value of these items, but the fact that I made most of them and the ones I didn't make are not easily replaceable.


I pulled myself together and took a look online to see what was out there.  Maybe some vintage dresses for Toni would make me feel better?
  I found this brown dress first.

It is vintage from the 1950s.  

Next I bid on this 1950s Circle P doll and lot of vintage dresses. 
I won the bid!
 I didn't keep the doll, so she is now with another doll lover.
I washed the dresses and gave them a press. The red and white dress needs a slip and the green taffeta plaid did not fit, but I will do some research and see what doll it is meant for.

This red and black print dress is adorable.

 I have to say the same of this blue gingham. 
OH! and the 2 pair of shoes you see were in the package with the dresses, 
but never mentioned on the ad!

 This evening gown is lovely.

I added the little jewel to the waistline to add some bling.
You can see close-up that the skirt used to have spangles of glitter or something like it.  I decided to leave it alone and just add a bit of sparkle on the waistline.

Then I started remaking and creating some new dresses.
 You'll recognize the red plaid I remade.

I used a different ribbon for the bow, but I may switch for a lace bow like the original.

Then I saw this red stripe dress on Pinterest and thought, 
"Hey I have some small stripe fabric!"

Not identical, but I like it.

 I had started this evening gown, but decided to make it a lounging gown.

 The replacement Peignoir.

I did happily still have the pink houseshoes!

Lastly, as I was searching ebay for possible dress additions I came across this...

I won the bid and it's on its way!

I have yet to start some new dresses for Alice, but they are next. 
And always look inside boxes before they are sent to donation!


Anonymous said...

Sorry or your loss. Glad you were able to almost replace them.

Anonymous said...

You are a great sewer. The clothes you lost were beautiful but happy that you were able to purchase some clothes to compensate for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Your sewing is beautiful. The clothes you made are professional. Sorry for your loss. Happy you were able to bid and win some more clothes.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you it's not a real loss just wanna kick yourself!

Brenda and Sophie said...

I am very happy with the vintage clothes. It is nice to have items from the actual era of a doll like this.

Anonymous said...

Very good advice! You can be sure I will always look from now on.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Yes, please do! Don't do what I did! haha