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My Dolls
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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to share how pretty some of our Christmas 
dresses look in front of the tree.
You might remember this first dress, 
I fitted it to Cissy because it was too big.

This dress I made from the vintage pattern below.

I found this pattern on eBay.

I decided to use this cute hat pattern for this dress

It's Santa!

This dress I found on eBay and hoped it would fit Elise.
It reminds me of White Christmas!

So pretty!

This little dress I made as well.

This was a partially complete dress 
I had started for another doll.

Here they are all together.

This is something I made with my Mother's help.
I know some crochet basics but never could figure out
how to follow a pattern so Mom is teaching me.

It was supposed to be a sleeveless dress, haha!
So much for the pattern.
 Eventually I gave up and went off on my own.

Not too bad for a flub-up.

Side view so you can see the bonnet.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Some new pretty dresses

I found this ad online. I was really interested 
in the green and white dress in front.

I washed and pressed the dress.
It is a sheer fabric with lots of body.

I added the white ribbon sash.

Very pretty Cissy!

Imagine my excitement when I tried this second dress on Cissy.

I already had this bandeau hat - perfect!

 You can maybe see that the yellow bric-a-brac
has silver threads in it.  This dress is SO adorable!

This little blue dress came with the 2 dresses above.
This dress is very sweet.

Looks like a school dress.

I love the big bow in back.

This wool coat is from another lot of doll clothes.
It fits Shirley perfectly!
Here is the lot the coat came from.
Notice the sailor top and capris?

Here they are!

Very cute!

This sadly wrinkled dress looks like this now...

Can you believe it?

 I never expected this dress to look so adorable!

I saved this dress makeover for last.
It was very plain and too big for Elise.
I did a bit of fitting in the bodice and added some lace.


Some scalloped lace added a  bit of length.

This dress came out better than expected.
 I thought she needed a wrap though... 


Very pretty.
I love makeovers! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

MORE Vintage doll clothes!

I have so many new doll outfits to share today!
I have been on a vintage doll clothes roll lately and have 
made some great finds.
Let me start with the blue gingham dress 
(bottom right) from my last post.
I never got around to it before so I want to show you now.
I was not sure who it would work for, but now I know!

It fits Cricket and even has that 1970's
granny dress look.

I added some pink ribbon touches, 
just to add some interest.

I found this new lot of doll clothes last week.
I was hoping one of these might be a Cissy or Elise sized dress.
When I opened the package I saw at once that 3 of the dresses
were sized for an 18" doll.

This salmon dress is very pretty on Molly.

The color is so pretty.

This dress was not pictured with the rest and I missed it in the ad.
So I was surprised to see it in the package!

 I think this little dress makes a very sweet sundress.

It matches Emma's eyes.

This dress is taffeta with pink, blue and grey stripes.
I knew Grace would look lovely in it.

All 3 together make a pretty picture.

This next dress I hoped would fit Cissy,
but it's too big!

I debated fitting it down, but it's not really
very flattering on her.

I believe this coat is also for a larger fashion doll.
I think this coat and the larger dress I will resale.

This next dress is PERFECT!!

Is this not adorable!?!
Vintage 1950's and it fits Elise perfectly.

Elise borrowed Cissy's bandeau.
The blue brings out her eyes.

A view of the back.

The skirt has a Roman Chariot pattern.
You can't tell from the picture but there is silver
glitter touches in the fabric.

I just love this new dress for Elise!