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My Dolls
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mini Bisque Dolls

Recently on a thrifting day I found this little wood cradle.
It was quite scratched and dinged.

I went over it with scratch cover polish and look at it now!
I now needed to decide what to do with it?
Keep or sell?

I thought this would be a sweet doll cradle for Shirley, 
but what dolls to get for her?
How I found Shirley

She would need a vintage doll, a modern doll would not do!

SO, I looked online to get some ideas.  
The doll should be no larger than 5".
I did a search for 4" to 5" doll.

This is what I found!  So sweet!
But, this was an ad for the tiny crochet dress ONLY!
Tiny Crochet Dresses
The ad described the dolls it would fit so I searched for:
"Frozen Charlotte" and "Nippon Dolls".

This is a 5" bisque Flapper Doll.
Also sometimes called a "Frozen Charlotte" because her legs are frozen.
She is made in Japan, but not marked as a Nippon doll.
She is from the 1920s or 30s.

Here she is with her new momma and
wearing her crocheted pink dress.
She is perfect for Shirley.

The doll cradle has new bedding and is all ready for play.
But one doll is not enough!

While searching for other small bisque dolls,
I came across these "Nancy Ann storybook dolls".
I have seen these from time to time in Antique shops, but never
gave them more than a glance.  
Something about this pair just grabbed me!

 When these little dolls arrived, this note was attached.

Aw! So sweet!
Bonnie, they will be!!

Here they are just after I unwrapped them. 
Bonnie used an old hankie to add an apron and 
hair scarf to this little girl.

This little girl is all original.

As usual I forged ahead where some collectors fear to tread!
I did a VERY gentle wash of their dresses.

I also noticed this old glue residue visible after her hair pulled away.

I gently touched it up with a damp cloth and it all came away.

Here is the red haired baby!
I saved the hankie and made it into a tie apron.
Die-hard collectors feel only original will do.
I disagree!
I think these little personal touches ADD to a doll's value,
because it shows someone loved them.

I also used the remaining hankie piece and made a little cap.

This vintage hankie was beginning to fray, 
and I wanted to save it! 

Here is the brunette baby. I gently brushed 
her felt bonnet to remove any dust.
The tiny old flowers are showing their age, 
but there is not much you can do with them..
I will carefully save this bonnet just as it is.

I also gave her a piece of my Grandma's wedding lace
for a sash.  Since her bonnet is so fragile I made her a hair band as well.

And here is the whole family!
Shirley loves her new dolls and cradle.

Oh and here's a treat....

Shirley Temple Black's personal doll collection.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Thrift Raggedy Ann

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved the raggedy Ann stories.
 I read all the books I could find in my school library.
I loved the idea that our dolls and toys had adventures when we weren't looking.

I also loved the beautiful illustrations.
SO,  I have a hard time NOT picking up a Raggedy Ann when I find one!

I found this Ann thrifting.
I almost left her behind, but as soon as I held her 
I knew she would be coming home with me.
I love her mostly white dress, very unusual for Raggedy Ann dolls.

This Ann was made by Aime'e Lester - I love this little tag!
I always wish I knew something about the dolls I find, this is a little clue.

 She is all hand embroidered.
 She has some water marks on her face, 
but I feel this just adds to her charm.
Ann went into a pillow case and into the washer - on a gentle cycle.
Her dress, apron and pantaloons were soaked in a cold water wash.

After her wash, Ann borrowed a chemise while her dress dried.

After pressing her dress and apron 
and putting new elastic in her pantaloons
she is all ready!

She's a keeper!

Saturday, July 01, 2017

New dress and coat for Toni

I came across this little dress and matching coat recently on eBay.
The ad said that they thought they were made for Barbie, 
but I knew better! Barbie is slimmer with a
longer torso, so her dresses will be longer in the bodice.
Well, needless to say I got them!

When this outfit arrived, I washed and soaked it.
I was hoping to get some of the yellow out of the dress.

After soaking overnight I laid the dress and coat on a towel to dry.
Some of the yellow came out.

Look how cute this fabric is.

After pressing everything - here it is! 
The swing coat is corduroy.
 The coat is lined with the same fabric as the dress.

Only when I pressed this dress did I realize it was
taffeta! - not cotton as I had thought.

There is a tiny tear in the neckline.
I fray-checked it and will figure out something to 
do to hide the tear and keep it from getting worse.

Here is a close-up of the fabric.
So cute!

After careful consideration I decided to add
these 2 tiny pearl buttons to cover the tear in the bodice.  
I think this should keep the tear from getting worse.
I am happy with the result.

 Very pretty Toni!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Doll restorations - Before & After

I love restoring dolls I find in thrift stores.
YES! all these dolls came from thrift stores. It makes me happy giving a discarded doll another life.
Many of these older dolls make me wonder who was the original owner? 
And what happened that these dolls wound up in a thrift store?

I just wanted to have images of my restoration projects in one place.
SO, I thought I would post all my favorite projects. I added links to each doll's makeover story.
Some of these makeovers are in my American Girl Doll Blog, 
so it will take you to another blog - don't worry they are both from me!

One of my earliest makeovers.  I almost left her behind, 
but something made me pick her up again.  I'm glad I did!

I have to say that there is something about Madame Alexander dolls.
These 18" play dolls are not as valuable as say the 
American Girl dolls, but her face is lovely!

This Harmony Club Doll was another doll I almost left behind.
I really had no idea that she would be so lovely after her clean-up.
In this photo above you can see how I softened her lip color a bit.

This hair was a MESS!! But look at it now!

One of my favorite makeovers.  I just love this doll!

This 1958 Shirley Temple doll was a really fun makeover.
I loved making her curls come back to life.  

This baby doll attracted me because she 
looks like my daughter when she was a baby.

My Sophie

I also sometimes do clothes makeovers.
Using this doll's original outfit pieces I made 2 new outfits!

This baby doll was SO dirty.  I was really not sure what I would be able to make of her.

I never expected this doll's hair to look this good.

This is one of the dolls I really wondered about her history. 
Someone had her for a long time.  She still had her original outfit, 
so she was kept intact for many years.
She is so precious!

Many of my dolls need their faces repainted.
This Betsy was one of the hardest because her features were SO small!

Betsy was SO small, but so sweet.
I had another 8" doll, but Betsy was much tinier.

Kirsten after some added lip and cheek color.

Effanbee 1975 Miss Chips doll.

1957 Madame Alexander Cissy Doll. 
This is another doll I wondered about.
She was still wearing her original dress and slip!
This red dress was also a makeover!

Not just dolls get a makeover.  I found this trunk in a thrift store and 
decided to give it a makeover too. This is one of my favorite projects.

WOW! I had forgotten some of these until 
I started looking through my files.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these transformations
 as much as I did making them happen.