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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Doll mystery from my childhood - update!

I have mentioned before that I had a doll as a girl, that I loved!  I have determined she was an Effanbee doll, and until recently I thought it was this doll.
I have since purchased this doll on eBay.  But when I got her something didn't feel right.

I knew my doll was from the mid-1960s and was wearing a green velvet dress. 


I was surfing the web and came across this doll.
She is from 1965 and her face looked right to me!
She is an Effanbee Miss Chips 17" doll.

I then did a search on eBay and found this doll.
She is also a 1965 Miss Chips Doll.
This is definitely the face I recall my doll having.

I also saw this doll another 1965 Miss Chips.
Something about this doll interested me.

I think it is her dress I really like.

SO, now what to do?
Do I really need another doll?
Or should I just be happy to have finally solved the mystery?