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My Dolls
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Madame Alexander Cissy Doll

AS usual I was thrifting and almost passed by the doll pile every thrift store seems to have.  
I did a double take before it registered what I was seeing.
 Un-believable! A Madame Alexander Cissy doll from the 1950s
AND wearing her original dress!!

 She was dirty and needed some TLC.

 My biggest worry was her hair.  This is a wig which 
means I must be VERY careful how I handle it.

 Label in her dress.

She got the usual baking soda wash.
She was very yellow.  I'm not sure what causes this.
Usually it is cigarette smoke, but she had no odor at all.

This is yellow from her eyes.  I used a swab dipped in alcohol.

Here she is!

 Her lace is yellowed on the left side.

Previous owner fixed a tear on her skirt.

 I love the back of this dress.  
Look at all those pleats!

I made her earrings and a bracelet.

 Here she is in another vintage dress.

I made her a hat.

And one more vintage outfit.