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My Dolls
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Doll restorations - Before & After

I love restoring dolls I find in thrift stores.
YES! all these dolls came from thrift stores. It makes me happy giving a discarded doll another life.
Many of these older dolls make me wonder who was the original owner? 
And what happened that these dolls wound up in a thrift store?

I just wanted to have images of my restoration projects in one place.
SO, I thought I would post all my favorite projects. I added links to each doll's makeover story.
Some of these makeovers are in my American Girl Doll Blog, 
so it will take you to another blog - don't worry they are both from me!

One of my earliest makeovers.  I almost left her behind, 
but something made me pick her up again.  I'm glad I did!

I have to say that there is something about Madame Alexander dolls.
These 18" play dolls are not as valuable as say the 
American Girl dolls, but her face is lovely!

This Harmony Club Doll was another doll I almost left behind.
I really had no idea that she would be so lovely after her clean-up.
In this photo above you can see how I softened her lip color a bit.

This hair was a MESS!! But look at it now!

One of my favorite makeovers.  I just love this doll!

This 1958 Shirley Temple doll was a really fun makeover.
I loved making her curls come back to life.  

This baby doll attracted me because she 
looks like my daughter when she was a baby.

My Sophie

I also sometimes do clothes makeovers.
Using this doll's original outfit pieces I made 2 new outfits!

This baby doll was SO dirty.  I was really not sure what I would be able to make of her.

I never expected this doll's hair to look this good.

This is one of the dolls I really wondered about her history. 
Someone had her for a long time.  She still had her original outfit, 
so she was kept intact for many years.
She is so precious!

Many of my dolls need their faces repainted.
This Betsy was one of the hardest because her features were SO small!

Betsy was SO small, but so sweet.
I had another 8" doll, but Betsy was much tinier.

Kirsten after some added lip and cheek color.

Effanbee 1975 Miss Chips doll.

1957 Madame Alexander Cissy Doll. 
This is another doll I wondered about.
She was still wearing her original dress and slip!
This red dress was also a makeover!

Not just dolls get a makeover.  I found this trunk in a thrift store and 
decided to give it a makeover too. This is one of my favorite projects.

WOW! I had forgotten some of these until 
I started looking through my files.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these transformations
 as much as I did making them happen.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Red Dress

I mentioned this red dress on my previous post.

I got this on eBay.  I was wondering if this dress
was vintage because this gem in front looked plastic.
It was not plastic but the fabric makes me think 1980s.
 It is definitely homemade.

When the dress arrived it had been made to 
fit a larger doll! The hem is much too long.

And the bodice is quite large on Cissy.

Wow, really big!  Now what was I going to do?
For a split second I thought I would return it,
But I got a great deal on it and thought I would fit it to Cissy.

I took in the side seams of the bodice.  Then
I pinned the bodice to Cissy's size and turned down the 
top of the dress to make a fold.

I hand-stitched the bodice and the hem after pinning to Cissy's size.

 Much better!

I moved the snaps in back to snug up the fit.

Next a quick wash.  This dress was very clean.

 After the dress was dry and pressed I started 
experimenting with different looks.

First I tried a blue satin side bow

Not bad, let's see what else...

Next I tried black accessories.

Kind of makes me think of Halloween,  not
what I was going for.

 Next was a big brown bow.
 Hmmm,  not loving it.

Slipped the bow to the back - better.

Next I went for 'less is more.'
I like it.

This is nice.

BUT, then I rummaged through my fabric drawers
and found this piece of periwinkle sheer blue fabric.

How lovely is this!?
I think this is my favorite.

What do you think?
Any ideas for me to try?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Adding to Cissy's collection

I have been looking at photos of other Cissy Dolls online.
The dresses that were made for Cissy in the 50s are beautiful!
So, I thought maybe I could add to my Cissy's wardrobe.

I have her original blue cotton dress, but I wanted 
at least one other authentic Cissy dress.

I found this taffeta theater dress on eBay. 
Oh and notice it came with 2 pair of shoes!

It has the Cissy label.

Next I saw this nightie and robe set - SO pretty!

This set does not have a tag, but I am pretty certain it is factory made.

This red dress is homemade, but I thought it 
would be fun to see what I could do with it.  

The ad said from the 1950s, but this button looks new, so we'll see.

The Taffeta Theater dress arrived first.
I immediately set it to soak in cold water.
I use Fels-naptha and gently swipe the wet garment with 
the soap until it makes the water soapy. Then I let it soak overnight
A LOT of dust and dirt came out of this dress.

After soaking all night I laid the dress out on a white towel to dry.

Next to arrive was the nightie and robe.
I washed it in the same way as the dress.

after washing I laid the gown out on a towel to dry.

I can't wait to see how this looks!

Ready to press the Taffeta Theater dress.

My husband made me this tiny ironing board.  
I use it regularly on doll clothes.

You can see here how useful this tiny board is!

Here is the theater dress! I think it came out very nice.
The front seemed to need something, so I carefully
tacked this little jewel so it will not damage the dress in any way.

Here is her new night set.

 So pretty!

Quite lovely.

Cissy getting ready for a night out.

Ready to go.

 How do I look Bennet?
It was a lovely evening now time for bed Bennet.

 You need to sleep in your doggy bed!


Coming soon - the red dress.