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My Dolls
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Thursday, September 28, 2017

My New Raggedy Ann

As you all know, I love Raggedy Ann Dolls.
They just remind me of the best 
parts of my childhood.
I came across this Ann on eBay.
These are her eBay pictures

I love her pink dress!
Something about here face - so SWEET!

Here she is right out of the box.
She was a bit musty, as I would expect from a 
cloth doll of this age.

Her clothes were a little discolored from years of dust.
All the elastic in her outfit needed to be replaced.

I put her clothes in to soak.  Most doll clothes can stand a cold
water wash/soak.  I only hesitate if the fabric
is brittle or already torn.

And here she is!

I  thought she needed a pink bow.
I was right.

Welcome Raggedy Ann!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Our Doll Kitchen

As many of you already know I have another doll blog for our
American Girl Dolls. 
I recently redid the dollhouse kitchen.

It occured to me that Cissy would look so sweet in the new 
kitchen, now that it has a more vintage feel.

This is a before picture.
Everything is very pink and white, but you can 
see some more traditional items cropping up.

Below are some photos of the changes.

I thought all my Savage Pea readers would enjoy a peek!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cissy's Picnic Outfit

I found this outfit a long time back in a thrift store.
It is handmade 1950s vintage, a yellow blouse and print skirt.
Here is Cissy wearing this ensemble not long after I found her.
It's a little blah, so I wondered what I could do to freshen it up?

First thing I did was make some new shoes.
The heels are made from regular corks I got at the craft store.
I sanded them to the correct shape.

I cut out some cardboard soles and some ribbon about 1.25".

Then I cut out some felt the same size as the soles.

First I hot-glued the soles to the heels.
I forgot the photo, but next I glued the 
ribbon to the top of the cardboard sole.
Next I glued the felt so the ribbon is between the sole and the felt.

I added some ribbon roses to finish.

After the shoes were done, I sewed new buttons 
on the blouse and made a matching belt.
Notice how the buttons are sewn in a flower bud pattern.

I was going to make a hat for this outfit, 
then I remembered how ladies wore a scarf
for casual occasions.

Here is the whole outfit,
I made Cissy a fuller crinoline for her skirt.
The scarf is very sweet.

It's hard to get a good shot that shows her new shoes!

 Cissy is all ready for a picnic!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Some more outfits for Patsy Joan

Whenever I get a new doll that I really love, I
always want to get 2 or 3 outfits just for her.
SO, as I was scanning through Vintage Doll Clothes
 on eBay I found this outfit!
How cute is this coat and hat?

It is blue corduroy with pearl buttons.

AS if that wasn't enough it came with a dress and bloomers!!

How sweet is this?

The fabric has this tiny rose pattern.


Then I came across this copy of a vintage 1930s pattern.
I just love the Middy outfit.

And here it is!
I added a hat from the pattern.

I still need to get some red ribbon, but I'm very happy.

Patsy looks ready for the seashore.
And now Patsy Joan has a little wardrobe!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Doll Room Tour

I have never done a tour of my doll room on this blog.
I thought you all might enjoy seeing my doll, craft and sewing room.  

SO, here we go!

This room is in the attic of my house.
As you reach the top of the stairs you see my secretary

Inside the secretary is a house for my smaller dolls.

 Alice has the bottom shelf.  Most of this doll furniture I made.
Except for this wood bed and 2 wood chairs that I found thrifting.

Here is Toni and her poodle Tina.

Past the secretary in the left corner is the big dollhouse.
 This was built to house our American Girls.

The kitchen.

The living room.

As you turn clockwise, to the right you can see my doll cradles.

My doll cradles are right in front of my sewing area.

Doll cradles.

My Sofia and her bunnies.

L - R: My bunny from Harrods, Sir Pumphrey Fotheringham III, 
my Effanbee baby doll, Patsy Joan, two of my sock animals and 
the smiley lamb; which was one of my daughter Sophie's stuffies when she was a baby.

L-R: Sock Monkey, Raggedy Annie, Madame Alexander baby doll, 
Girl bunny, and my Edith Flack Ackley doll, and more Raggedys.

Behind the cradles is my sewing and craft area.

These bins hold all my small sewing items, buttons, snaps, velcro, etc.

Opposite my sewing table is a little lingerie 
wardrobe I use to hold my fabric.

On top are some of my doll hats.

And, one of my recent finds, a reproduction Patsyette doll,
dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

As you turn to your right, you can see the top of 
the stairs and back to my secretary.
You can also see where I pose a lot of my doll photos, 
on the ledge in front of the curtains.
The curtains hide another little room.

When you walk around behind my secretary, you see...

This extra little room for guests.

On the far bed are my teddies.

On the dresser is the room shared by Cissy and Shirley.

I made the beds and dressing table myself.

Shirley, Bennet, and her dolls.

Here is Cissy's dressing table top.
I love collecting miniatures for all the dolls.
I made Cissy's lamp, and it really lights!

SO, now you've seen the whole room.
I hope you enjoyed seeing where all my dolls live.