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My Dolls
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Raggedy Ann for Alice

As you may already know Alice just got a new bedroom wall complete with Raggedy Ann pictures.
I thought Alice really should have a Raggedy Ann doll for herself, so...
Here she is!  I made her from the pattern below.

I used embroidery floss and made French Knots all over her head for her hair.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nighties and slippers

Toni and Alice are getting ready for bed.
Toni and Alice have matching nighties and penoirs.

Toni is sending Alice to her room to get ready for a story.

Now where is that book?

Miss Suzy, our favorite book.

Goodnight  Alice.
Goodnight Mommy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bookshelf Dollhouse - changes and additions

I have been slowly putting together a dollhouse for Toni and Alice.
I have been happy with my progress but thought that they needed back walls.
SO! I got on my computer and started creating background walls.

My background walls are posterboard covered in paper.

I have created a plain wall printable in 2 colors for readers to print.
Click on these images and save them to your computer. Then print them out!
I used 3 sheets for each wall in my house. 
I find that when gluing paper that gluesticks work best because they don't cause rippling.

The first wall I created was for the kitchen.  YES! I made a KITCHEN.
The stove and refrigerator are both cardboard covered in paper.
I looked for a Barbie-size kitchen set, but I wanted something that looked from the 1950s.
So, I decided I better just make something myself.

My pedestal table is a glass candle stick with a wood top.
My stool is also a candlestick placed upside down.

The fridge - again - just a box covered in paper printout.

I have even made some dinner plates.
(There will be a tutorial and printables for the plates at the bottom of this article.)

Just below the kitchen is Toni's room.
BEFORE and...
My walls are attached with pushpins in the back.
Is it just me or does this room look bigger?
I have also sewn a gathered table cover for Toni's dressing table.

Next is Alice's room.
BEFORE and...

She has some Raggedy Ann artwork. 
Now she needs a little Raggedy Ann doll, hmm.

And finally is the Living Room.
BEFORE and... 
Everything feels so homey!

And here is the whole bookcase house.

Dinner plate tutorial
Click on this image and save to your picture file on your computer to print.

 You will need a plate printable, scissors, clear plastic plates and a gluestick.

 I put a nice coat of glue on each plate image.

 Then just press the plate onto your paper.

I put a heavy weight on my plates until they dried.

After they are dry, carefully cut out your plates.

*note* I found the plates with dark rims were easier to cut out.
These white plates I had a harder time making them look right.
Even though these plates are really completely flat, they look very realistic!
Well, I hope you enjoyed this dollhouse tour.
We would love to hear what you think!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Making shoes for 10.5" Fashion doll

When I found Toni she did not have any shoes, so
I went searching for shoes that would fit her.
These are the shoes available on ebay that fit these 10.5" dolls.
This pair is over $8.00 for molded plastic!
SO, I decided I wanted to make some shoes.
Below is a pattern I created myself.  
*Click on this image, save it to your photo file and print.*
When you print it make sure the square prints out as 1 inch.

 I cut 2 pieces of thin cardboard - like from a cereal box - for each foot.
Then I use white glue and glue the cutouts onto a piece of fabric.
(I didn't get a photo of this step, sorry)
After it is dry cut away the excess fabric from the cardboard sole.

At this point I place the sole on the doll's foot to get the right bends for her heel height.

 Next I use small ribbon or bric-a-brac for the strap.
I glue the first side just behind the ball of the foot on the sole.
I use hot-glue because it is fast, but you could use white glue and
 pin the pieces in place until they dry.

 Here is the top sole with the strap glued in place.

For this heel I used a 3/16th dowel and cut it to about 1/2" length.
I sanded the tip to create a pointy heel.
Then I used red nail polish so it would have a shiny finish.
I hot-glued the heel onto the bottom sole, 
then I carefully ran a line of red nail polish along the sides of each shoe.

And here are the finished shoes!
 Here are a couple more I have made as well...

For the gold shoes I found some little plugs of some kind in my husbands tool drawer.
I used glitter glue on the gold heels.
For the blue shoes the heels are made from glass beads.  
I have not been completely satisfied with the side edges of my shoes, but I am looking for a solution.

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

More Christmas Dresses and a costume

I just wanted to share some Christmas dresses I made.

Belinda in a traditional Christmas dress.

 Our American Boy doll Martin, in a Kristoff 
costume from the movie "Frozen".

 Bethany and April are 1970s style.

Bethany has a candy cane collar.

April  loves plaid!

Toni and Alice have matching dresses.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!