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My Dolls
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hearts for Hearts doll Nahji

I kind of fell in love with Nahji 3 years ago when I first saw her on a store shelf.
I was trying to be disciplined at the time and decided not to purchase her.

She is the Hearts for Hearts Doll from India.  She is wearing a Punjabi style dress
and even has Henna designs on one hand. Just very pretty!
Since I first found out about a year ago that these dolls were no longer being made, I bought 2 while there were still a few on the shelves.  

First I found a Dell
Then I found a Mosi
They have such lovely faces and such nice details.
Their hair is also VERY nice for a doll of this price.

When I started looking on the secondary market for a Nahji doll 
I quickly found out that they are hard to find and EXPENSIVE!  
On Ebay they were selling for around $75 - $150+.
Just the other day, I saw this girl on ebay for $35.
I made an offer of $25 and the offer was accepted!!
 These were the only photos of her that were posted.
I was concerned that her hair might have been cut.
She was definitely played with, but she had her necklace and earrings and her original outfit except for her shoes.  BUT! I already had her shoes from a lot I purchased for my other two H4H dolls!

When she arrived I couldn't wait to open the box and see her for myself.

 Imagine my excitement when I saw she still had her hairband!

 On first inspection, her hair looked pretty bad.

After I removed her hairband I realized it wasn't as bad as I first thought.
She was also very clean and had no odors!

And here she is after just a careful hair brushing!

OH! And while I was waiting for her to arrive I did a little sewing...

 This is from some remnant fabric I found
at the craft store.

 This I made from a thrift store tee shirt.

This is the Chai Time outfit.  I decided to go thrifting for
some fabric that might work for an outfit like this.

This is what I came up with!
 I made this from a skirt I found.

Not too bad!

Just one more thing.  I was looking up the name Nahji and could not find it anywhere!
What I did find was the name Naija which means "Daughter of Wisdom". 
So we will call her Naija.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thrift Store Doll Beds

As you may already know I love thrift store finds!
My latest treasures are these two doll beds.

 First is this spindle sided rocking doll cradle.

 It was dusty and needed some wood polish.

Second is this wood four post doll bed.
 The headboard is slightly taller than the footboard,
Both these beds are solid wood.  The first seems to be
from the 1960s or earlier, it's hard to tell.
The second seems more recent, (I may be wrong) but nicely made.

Here are the after photos!

 I found some fabric in my stash and made a mattress, blanket and pillows.

The wood polished up very nice.

I added this crochet baby blanket and a vintage doll flannel.

Baby Juliette in her new bed

I made a mattress and pillows out of a lavender stripe fabric for the second bed, 

but the blanket and crochet throw I made awhile back.

And here are the babies all snug in their bed.

(The Bitty Baby cup and book were also thrift store finds!)