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My Dolls
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New blog contact

We have a new email contact it is:

Make a note of it!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cissy Doll Shoe Makeover

I have these 2 pair of shoes to fit my Cissy doll.
Compared to Cissy's beautiful clothes, they're kind of blah.

On eBay I  saw these made by:
They have all different colors and styles.

SO, I decided to try to make some myself.
I cut off the straps on my shoes.

 I laid the shoe on some paper to 
make a pattern.

 Checking the fit.

I cut out some felt with my pattern.

The felt protects Cissy's stockings from snags.
I added a decorative strap and hot-glued it underneath.

White mules.

Black strappy.

Oh, and I also made a couple handbags.

This black envelope bag.

And this pink clutch.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dressing up Cissy

I was looking through my doll clothes for 
things that might work for Cissy.
 This dress looks AMAZING on Cissy.  
It is actually an American Girl Doll-size Dress

Here it is on my Molly, sweet, but...

 I think it looks perfect on Cissy.

I just tightened the sash and VOILA!
I am considering actually fitting it to Cissy.

 Next I pulled out this leopard print coat.

 When I first got this coat in a lot of misc. doll clothes
I thought it was an AG size coat, but 
I think it was meant for a fashion doll like Cissy.

I decided Cissy needed a hat for this coat, so I whipped this up.

 In that same lot of doll clothes was this knit sweater.

 I think it looks great on Cissy.

I found this partially finished hat from a long ago project 
and decided to finish it for Cissy.
The necklace is rhinestones and belonged to my grandmother.

This pink prom dress I had ordered for another doll. 

Very pretty!