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Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Dresses for Miss Revlon

I just had to spotlight a great dressmaker I found on eBay.

She made this pink strapless which my Camellia was wearing when I got her....

and this adorable leopard print dress that I purchased very recently.

This is an item I have my eye on as well - so cute!
What I love is how carefully she has selected fabrics and styles that
have such a cute vintage look.  Both the dresses above come with a
built in crinoline to make the skirts really stand out nicely.

Who is this seller you ask?
This is her eBay store:

She makes dresses and accessories for both
18" and 20" fashion dolls like
Madame Alexander Cissy, Dollikin, Miss Revlon and more I am sure.
Here are some more of her designs

 I was torn between this dress and the leopard print I bought!

So, if you need a new dress for a vintage fashion doll,
This is the place!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some jewelry for my Miss Revlon Doll

Camellia did not come with any jewelry, so I decided to make some.
I made this set to go with her yellow outfit.
  I have seen Bakelite jewelry in these colors from the 1950s.

 Bracelets with dangles.

I love these lemon drop earrings!

She also has some kiwi fruit earrings, too cute!

 Oh, and I made her some casual shoes for her yellow skirt.

 I made this pink set for her pink dress.

She has crystal earrings and...
some pearl earrings.


Jewelry pliers and cutters,  memory wire, jewelry 
pins with flat heads and ring heads.

 Put beads on a flat pin.

 Use your pliers to bend that wire over a ring pin.

 Bend the wire til it meets back at bead opening.

For the necklace clip off one loop of memory wire.

 bend one end over and make a small loop.

 Add beads to go all round your dolls neck.

 I like to add dangles to my loops.
Note: the bracelet is made just like the necklace just smaller.

All finished!

Friday, March 04, 2016

My Latest thrift store finds

On my latest thrift store excursion I made some great finds. 
The first thing I found was this Cape Cod doll furniture!
(so awesome!)
At first I only saw the 2 kitchen chairs, then a little voice told me I better look around to make sure there wasn't any more furniture boxes in sight.  Sure enough I found the bed!

 The chairs are perfect for my dollhouse kitchen.

The bed went into Betsy's room.

I also found this HUGE bag of doll clothes!

 I gave all the clothes a gentle handwash.

 It was an interesting mix of small and larger doll items.

 This dress fits a 16" doll

 These fit 14" dolls


These I'll definitely keep.
BUT, there were some other dresses that REALLY
sparked my interest!

These dresses all fit a slender 18" doll.
They are so lovely I thought wouldn't it be fun to have a doll to fit these clothes!?!?

 SO, my Mom asked if I would like a Miss Revlon doll for my birthday!
and here she is! 

 She came from ebay with this pink dress
which is not vintage, but very cute!

The crinolines and dresses fit her beautifully!
And here is the coat and hat.

And in case you were wondering I made her bedroom furniture.

Bottom of bed and dressing table

Finished dressing table...

and bed.

Here she is wearing her beautiful peignoir.
I just need to give her a name!
So far I am thinking of Isabella or Barbara.