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Friday, September 23, 2016

Effanbee 1969 Babydoll Makeover

Here she is as I found her in the thrift store.

She is an Effanbee 1969 Babydoll.
She is either a "Sweetie Pie" or a "Sugar Plum" doll.
I can feel a crier in her back but it doesn't work.
I plan on doing some research about fixing criers.

 This may be her original dress and bonnet.
It all fits her perfectly.

 She is quite dirty, but it seems that someone
may have had her for a long time, since she has her
original undergarment, dress and bonnet.

 Her hair was horribly matted under her bonnet,
and I wasn't sure if there would be much to work with.

 She had this strange black mark on her cheek.
You can see where her sleeve is torn.

 Very dirty baby!

 Under her dress she had this one piece undergarment.

Here are all the clothes she was wearing.
There was a tear in one sleeve and the
bloomers were too big, they are actual baby bloomers.

The bassinet was very dirty too, but cleaned right up 
with a rinse under the garden hose.

 She got the usual cleaning treatment.
I put her clothes in to soak while I worked on her.

 After her hair wash I was astonished that her hair 
looked THIS good.

 She is a little thin in back, but we'll see how it looks after it dries.


Here she is!!

 I could see there had been a bow on her dress
in front, so I added one.

Her bonnet is very sweet all clean and pressed.

 Back in her bassinet.

 I repainted her lips and added some pink to her cheeks.
Her right sleeve is fixed.

 I am amazed at how good her hair looks.

The back is a little thin, but
MUCH better than I expected!

 Before and After - front

Before and After - back

She's a cutie!

I had planned on selling her, but now I can't decide!

I SO wish I knew who she belonged to and what her story is....

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Doll shoes - second addition

Doll shoes can be a tricky purchase. For this reason I like to share
what I have learned about sizing and which dolls wear which size.

My most recent purchases are these 2 pair of pink flats.

I know many collectors prefer the vintage Crissy doll shoes.
Vintage Crissy Shoes
I have a couple pair of the vintage shoes, but when they sell
for around $15 I wanted some more choices.

 The Dark Pink flats are 58mm and fit my Crissy doll

 And my Miss Chips dolls. 

 The Light pink flats are 54mm

and fit Velvet, Cricket and

My heart for heart dolls.
The eBay listing also said these shoes fit Wellie Wisher dolls.

I purchased these shoes on ebay from
I have purchased from her more than once and I have never been disappointed.

The quality is great and you can see in these side
shots that the shoes have great fit.

I have included my doll shoe size chart below.
I made this to help me remember the different sizes
my doll shoes come in.  I have had the best luck going by foot 
measurement in inches (in.) or millimeter, (mm) rather than size. (size 8, size 6, etc.)

I hope this helps!

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Doll Clothes Makeover

One of my latest finds is Sofia who is
a Baby so Beautiful by Playmates.
She was dressed in this denim overall and red gingham top.
Nothing to write home about, SO
I decided they needed a makeover!

Denim overall, pretty ordinary.

AND, here it is now.
 I added this big bib pocket in pink gingham, and a smaller 
pocket on the right front.
I added rick-rack over the straps and along the waistband.
Some buttons and a ribbon rose,

I had this unfinished tee-shirt lying around and decided it would 
make a cute baby top, I just added a little pink ribbon on the collar.

And a flower on the bum.

The red gingham top was really sad.
Again, nothing special, but this one really made me think.
What can I do with THIS?

This is what I came up with.
 I decided to make a dress out of it, but I really 
had a hard time finding the right fabrics.

 There was lace around the collar and around the sleeves, 
but the collar needed something to pull it together with the new skirt.

 I used the collar from the AG Molly pattern.
It made a nice wide peter pan collar for this dress.

I put new elastic in the sleeves and added a spotted
red button. The lace on the sleeves will need replacing, but it's ok for now. 

I am quite pleased with the results of both these new outfits.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Baby so Beautiful

I found this little girl recently while thrifting.
 I almost walked by, but something stopped me.

 At first I thought she was a china doll, but she is vinyl.
So, I picked her up. Only later did I really examine her closely.

Look at those eyes!!
Poor baby is SO dirty.

I couldn't find her mark in the store, but here it is.
She is a 1995 Baby So Beautiful by Playmates Toys.

 Her wig was very loose.
So I glued that first.
I decided to use a magic eraser on her body and not wash her hair.
She did not have any odors and I wanted the wig glue to cure.

 The clothes she was wearing were not great.

There were no tags so I am not certain they are her original clothes.
After investigating further the Baby so Beautiful dolls had very pretty clothes, 
so these are most likely not original. 

 Here she is all cleaned and brushed.
She has a section of hair that was meant to be in a ribbon.

She has very cute baby toes.

I had this vintage baby doll nightgown that fits perfectly!

I borrowed a dress from another doll 
until I can make something just for her. 

 Such a sweet face!

 I think I will keep her!

I will call her Sofia.