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My Dolls
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Repairing a crack in a plastic doll

My recently purchased Cricket doll.
I was SO happy to receive my Cricket from the Nice Twice Doll Shop ,
but when I undressed her for cleaning I found a crack in her bottom!
Normally I would have resold her and looked for a replacement, 
BUT Cricket dolls are very hard to come by and this Cricket had almost perfect hair!

Here is the split in the plastic. This is not uncommon in vintage plastic dolls.
The plastic becomes brittle over time.
My fear was that the split would worsen if the leg was rotated
and cause further damage.
I needed to stabilize the plastic before that could happen.

I went online and did some research.
I found one doll site that used a plastic paste to repair plastic dolls.

Then I found another site that used 'Liquid Nails' paste,
Apparently the Liquid Nails bonds with the plastic.
Other adhesives will eventually peel away.
I decided to try the Liquid Nails.

 I decided to try as small a patch as I could manage.
I cut a piece of fabric close to her skin tone.

 Next I created a fabric band-aid with the Liquid Nails.

I inserted a piece of card stock paper into the leg seam 
to keep the Liquid Nails from freezing her leg joint.
There is also a small piece of paper inside the split for the same reason.
After applying the band-aid, I generously slathered more Liquid Nails over the repair area.
So there is Liquid nails both underneath and on top of the band-aid.
Then I put her someplace safe to dry overnight.

Next day I removed the paper and sanded the patch lightly.  
After sanding I applied paint in her skin tone.  
I think after one more coat of paint it won't be bad at all!

Best of all I can pose my Cricket doll without (hopefully) worsening her condition!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Velvet and Cricket

Here they are!

I found Velvet on Ebay.

 Velvet was a little musty smelling,
so she got the usual baking Soda bath and hair wash.

Careful to avoid getting water inside her head or eyes.

Here is Velvet all washed and dressed.

I found my Cricket online at
Here is Cricket's photo from the doll store.
Even in this picture you can see the dress is sun faded
as well as her face and hair.

Her hair was frizzy on the bottom.
She was wearing her original bridesmaid outfit
including her veil and bouquet!

Cricket got the usual cleaning.
 Here she is, a bit faded.
 Cricket was obviously stored in a sunny spot.

 Here she is with a little lip color and
cheek color to brighten her up.

 Cricket's hair came out beautiful!
The ends are still slightly frizzy but barely noticeable.
I believe she was mostly kept on display, so her hair was almost like new!

I have named these two April and Bethany
So pretty!
(BTW I made both their new dresses)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Favorite Dolls

This is a partial list of my dolls.
I would say these dolls are definitely some of my favorites.

1956 Madame Alexander Cissy Doll

Patsy Joan 

1958 Ideal Shirley Temple Doll

Black Raggedy Ann


Madame Alexander Elise

Raggedy Ann White

Ann and Andy
Ann was a thrift store find.  
Andy I got on eBay to match Ann.

From the same thrift store as Ann.

A makeover doll from ebay.

A thrift store doll

China Baby Ellen 1973
Painted by my grandmother for me when I was a girl.

1975 Madame Alexander "Puddin" Crier Doll

Ideal Cricket 1970

1988 Effanbee Alice in Wonderland 9" tall

1995 Baby so Beautiful by Playmates
Hello Sofia


1969 Effanbee Sweetie Pie babydoll
Finding Belinda

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A 1956 American Character Toni Doll

I found this doll in a thrift store (of course!)
She still has her Vintage American Character Wool Coat.
 Sadly she had no other clothes or shoes.
You can see the coat in image #5

Her face and hair are in pretty good condition.
She is dirty and looks a little faded.

 She had some dirt here.

 Hair was messy and musty.

 Her stamp on the middle of her back.

 I gave her a baking soda bath.

 I found more dirt on her arm.

 Washed her hair with wig shampoo.

 Fresh and clean.

Hair looks brighter.

First thing I made her some lingerie.

Then I made a Tartan dress with wool hat.

 Here is her Camel Coat.

Coat and Hat.

 And here she is in a blue satin evening gown and wrap.

Another great addition to my collection!