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My Dolls
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Matching mother daughter Christmas dresses

 I have started making some Christmas dresses.
Alice and Toni received their dresses first.

Toni has a new pearl necklace and red
earrings to match her dress. 

Alice loves having a dress like mommy's.

My first foray into making small high heels for Toni.
They are not finished yet, but I may include a tutorial.

Even Pumpkin the poodle has a red Christmas bow!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chairs forToni and Alice

So I wanted some chairs for the little living room.
I had these clear plastic cups and thought they might work.
I cut away the front of one cup to create the chair back.
AS you can see I hotglued one cup onto another.

 I hotglued fabric starting in back and wrapping the top of the chair.

Here I carefully folded and glued the fabric onto the chair back.

 Next I gathered some fabric into a skirt, 
but you could also just glue the fabric flat onto the cup.

My chair was too tall so,
 I trimmed the bottom cup so that it matched the skirt length.

 Here is my chair so far.

 I laid my chair on my fabric and drew around the back to get a
shape for my seatback cushion.

 I drew another mall circle for the seat cushion.
I cut 2 pieces for each cushion.

The seat back I sewed onto some thin batting,
but you could just stuff with batting or even just glue it straight onto the chair.

 And here are my two new chairs, and a tuffet made from a wooden spool.
Toni is very happy with her new living room.

And here is a view of the whole house.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Place for Toni

Alice has a new bedroom on the small bookshelf in the doll room.
Alice was very lonely and wished she had someone to take care of her.
So Toni is going to adopt Alice and be her Mom!

BUT, Toni needed a bed!  SO...

 I had this See's Candies box which was just the right size.

I cut the lid to create a canopy headboard. 

 Added a mattress.

 I glued blue satin fabric inside the headboard/lid.

I created a small ruffle and stitched that to a piece 
of fabric, long enough to go all down the back of the headboard. 

 Here is a close-up of the front view.

 Then I added 2 side panels.

I finagled around with it until I had covered the headboard all around.
I tacked the bottoms of the curtains in place with hotglue.

 And, here is Toni's new room!
 I tried for a 1950s style bedroom for Toni.

 I covered a little box for a side table.
I may make a ruffled table cover, but ran out of time today.

And here are both Toni and Alice's rooms.
A third shelf will be their living room, I just need 
some furniture.

A New Dress for Toni

I have decided to call this doll Toni.
I made Toni a new dress.
The bodice is a fine blue check and the skirt
is made from a handkerchief.

 I also made her some new earrings.
They are made from a pale blue glass bead.

 I also made her a matching shawl from the
remainder of the handkerchief.

Very nice if I do say so myself.

OH and one other thing...

 I added some embellishments to her evening gown.

Now she is ready for an evening out!