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My Dolls
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Monday, January 18, 2016

A new dress for Betsy and new sandals too!

Betsy has a new dress.

 And here are her new sandals.
I saw something similar online and thought "hey I can do that!"

 Betsy wanted to show off her new quilt.

She loves her new room.

 Both Betsy and Alice's dresses are made from the same pattern.
Betsy's had to be taken in a smidge and Alice's was made a smidge loose.

This is the pattern both these dresses were made from.

Time to play!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

8" Betsy McCall Doll

I have been wanting a Betsy McCall doll for awhile now and I saw this Betsy on eBay.  She came with one shoe and underclothes.  She had a bit of cracking on her left knee and her hair was obviously a mess, but I felt she was a good deal.

Well!  She arrived today and don't you know I couldn't wait to get to work on her.

Here she is right out of the box.

 I put her undies and the one shoe in a mild soap soak.

 Her face is very faded.

 She had one hair clip.

 Her limbs are loose, but I will deal with that another day!

 Here is her knee cracks.

I VERY  gently washed her hair with wig shampoo.
Her wig is a bit deteriorated, but I will reglue it later.
I used a mild soap to carefully wash her body.

 While her hair was drying I repainted her face.
(I figured I couldn't make it worse!)
I tried these tiny baby hair clips, but they are TOO big.

 Here she is all washed and dressed!

 I still need to do more work on her hair, but it is already MUCH better!

 Such a sweet girl.

 Toni and Betsy, both American Character dolls.

 I started making this bed and quilt this morning!
I had no idea she would arrive today!
The bed is similar to Toni's.  Just a cardboard box
with a mattress on top.  The headboard is also cardboard
covered in green satin.

 Alice gave Betsy Flopsy Bunny to sleep with.
(Betsy is wearing a hair net to smooth her hair)

Goodnight Betsy, welcome home.