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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Raggedy's

Some of my very favorite stories as a child were the Raggedy Ann & Andy stories.
On library day I would scour the shelves for Raggedy Ann books.
Believe it or not, I never owned a Raggedy Ann or Andy Doll
until last year when I found this pair of 24" dolls in a thrift store.
Their expressions were so sweet, I couldn't leave them behind.

  A couple months later I found these 2 lovelies, also in a thrift store,
(In Las Vegas of all places)
The Green doll is 14" and Ann is 18"
Obviously, this Ann needed an Andy

I found this Andy on ebay, but his outfit didn't match Ann's

I had this check fabric and made him a new suit, tie and hat.
and here they are together

We named this girl Belle.
We believe she is made from an Edith Flack Ackley pattern.

 These are all 8 & 9 inch Raggedys, which are actually
Dolls for our AG dolls.

 Very cute 9" Alice in Wonderland Raggedy.

 Sarah and Betsy 6" dolls from Colonial Williamsburg.

 9" Holly Hobby

And a 9" Country Andy.  I am still looking for an Ann for him.
(although, I think he has eyes for Alice)

Of course, I have a collection of Raggedy Ann Books.


Jan said...

I loved my Raggedy Ann doll. I kept her for years and eventually sold her at a garage sale. I wish I hadn't now.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Jan it's never too late. Look on ebay there are so many Raggedy Ann dolls for sale. That is how I found the 18" Andy to match my Ann.