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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Baby so Beautiful

I found this little girl recently while thrifting.
 I almost walked by, but something stopped me.

 At first I thought she was a china doll, but she is vinyl.
So, I picked her up. Only later did I really examine her closely.

Look at those eyes!!
Poor baby is SO dirty.

I couldn't find her mark in the store, but here it is.
She is a 1995 Baby So Beautiful by Playmates Toys.

 Her wig was very loose.
So I glued that first.
I decided to use a magic eraser on her body and not wash her hair.
She did not have any odors and I wanted the wig glue to cure.

 The clothes she was wearing were not great.

There were no tags so I am not certain they are her original clothes.
After investigating further the Baby so Beautiful dolls had very pretty clothes, 
so these are most likely not original. 

 Here she is all cleaned and brushed.
She has a section of hair that was meant to be in a ribbon.

She has very cute baby toes.

I had this vintage baby doll nightgown that fits perfectly!

I borrowed a dress from another doll 
until I can make something just for her. 

 Such a sweet face!

 I think I will keep her!

I will call her Sofia.


Anonymous said...

It is so refreshing to see a dark haired baby doll. Sofia is as beautiful as her name.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Yes Fawn, I agree! She is so pretty, I know now why I was drawn to this doll.