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My Dolls
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thrift Store Doll Beds

As you may already know I love thrift store finds!
My latest treasures are these two doll beds.

 First is this spindle sided rocking doll cradle.

 It was dusty and needed some wood polish.

Second is this wood four post doll bed.
 The headboard is slightly taller than the footboard,
Both these beds are solid wood.  The first seems to be
from the 1960s or earlier, it's hard to tell.
The second seems more recent, (I may be wrong) but nicely made.

Here are the after photos!

 I found some fabric in my stash and made a mattress, blanket and pillows.

The wood polished up very nice.

I added this crochet baby blanket and a vintage doll flannel.

Baby Juliette in her new bed

I made a mattress and pillows out of a lavender stripe fabric for the second bed, 

but the blanket and crochet throw I made awhile back.

And here are the babies all snug in their bed.

(The Bitty Baby cup and book were also thrift store finds!)


Anonymous said...

I am a sucker for doll beds when thrifty shopping. Yours are so pretty! If I were a doll I'd love to snuggle up in one of those.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Me too! I can't seem to pass up almost ANY doll item. I must admit I think these 2 beds were great finds! I am especially in love with the spindle bed - SO CUTE!