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My Dolls
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Cloth Doll Makeover

As you may already know, I enjoy doll makeovers.  
This is one of my favorite doll makeovers.
This inspired me to take home the dolls below.

I found these 2 in a thrift store.
They are about 5 inches tall.
 They are a remnant from the 1980s when we 
all had cute country things in our houses.
Here they are out of their basket bed.
Not much to them. But I thought I would see if I could make anything out of them.
They appear to have been tea stained to give them a vintage look.
I washed them a couple times and got some of the tea staining out, but not all.

I knew I wanted an India doll for Naija, so I thought one of these dolls would work.
 So, here is doll #1.
 I made her a choli and saree.
Next I embroidered her eyes and mouth.
 Lastly I embroidered her hair.  Just long straight stitches all over the back of her head.  
Then I looped through several extra threads for her braid.

Doll #2 did not turn out quite as well. I feel that I made her eyes too wide apart.
But here she is anyway.
 I made the curls around her face with an elongated french knot.
I'm sure you embroiderers out there may have a better name for this!
I think she may need a flower for her hair or
Then long stitches all over the back of her head.
 I used the same looped threads to make her braid.

Here are all 3 of my makeover cloth dolls.

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