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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Doll Doctor

As you may already know, I recently found this Cissy doll.
I was thrilled, to say the least, but poor Cissy had a little trouble...

Cissy's head was a bit loose.  This is not unusual for older dolls.
I knew she needed to be restrung, but I was afraid to try this myself.

What we needed was a Doll Doctor!
A quick web search and I found Dr. Toni only 30 minutes away.
After a couple of emails we set up an appointment for Cissy.

Dr. Toni does all kinds of doll repair.
Restoring broken and damaged dolls, repainting faces,
restringing - you name it!

Dr. Toni and her husband also make reproduction "Bleuette"
Doll Furniture. 

This is Maxwell, who played with my son 
while Cissy was being operated on.

The Doctor's office is in their workshop, which is
FULL of every kind of doll part you could imagine.

 Everything was very neat and tidy.  

 The work table was covered in a soft towel to protect
their patients from scuffs.

Before I could turn around Cissy was taken apart!
Cissy's arms were loose too so we did it all.
(Sorry to those who are squeamish)

Dr. Toni and her husband are a team at restringing.
It took 2 pair of hands to get Cissy back together!

(It's hard seeing you like this m'dear)

 Ah, a new firm head again.

And the arms!

In a little less than 10 minutes she was done.
With hair a little mussed, but firmly restrung!

Here she is all ready for a night out.

 Her head is firm on her shoulders again.

Thank you Dr. Toni!


Anonymous said...

Crissy looks maaavaleous following her surgery. I remember several years ago taking my boy doll to a doll doctor to have his head tightened. Afraid to loose him in the mail, we decided to accomonay him to the doctor who was about 2 hours away. We did some sight seeing while he underwent his proceedure. I was as nervous as if he had been a real child. But all went well and he was repaired like new.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brenda, I forgot to sign my name to the comment about my boy doll and his trip to the doll hospital.

Brenda Savage said...

I know what you mean Fawn, I was very nervous taking Cissy to the Doll Doctor. I just knew I was too afraid to try this myself. Boy am I glad I took Cissy to Dr. Toni! WOW, 2 hours away! I am double fortunate that Dr. Toni was only 30 minutes away. I am very happy with how well Cissy can hold a pose now.