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Saturday, June 03, 2017

New pretties for Cissy

Cissy has a new dress!
Cotton day dress with a green organdy collar.

I found this dress on eBay.
I love the colors on Cissy.

I also created this hat for Cissy.

This is the hat before.  I found this package in a thrift 
store and thought I might be able to do something with it.

And I did!  I must say I am pleased with the results.

It looks sweet with her new dress.

 I have been working on her hair too.
The back looks much smoother.
How Cissy looked before

You may have seen this dress in my previous post.
This is actually an American Girl dress!

It is the American Girl Jr. Bridesmaid dress

But look how gorgeous it looks on Cissy!

  I tacked in the bodice and skirt to see how it would look.

Well, I think I will make the change permanent.

SO, some fun new pretties for Cissy!


Anonymous said...

Cissy looks lovely. Her clothes are gorgeous.
Marion and Marilyn

Brenda Savage said...

Thank you!
I am having so much fun with Cissy.

Anonymous said...

Cissy is how I imagine my mother-in-law looking in her youth. She would have loved Cissy's hats.

Brenda Savage said...

Wow, Fawn, she must have been stunning! I have photos of my grandmother wearing the hats and gloves from the 50s. I remember going through her jewelry and glove draw. I love this era of fashion.