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My Dolls
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New blog contact

We have a new email contact it is:

Make a note of it!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cissy Doll Shoe Makeover

I have these 2 pair of shoes to fit my Cissy doll.
Compared to Cissy's beautiful clothes, they're kind of blah.

On eBay I  saw these made by:
They have all different colors and styles.

SO, I decided to try to make some myself.
I cut off the straps on my shoes.

 I laid the shoe on some paper to 
make a pattern.

 Checking the fit.

I cut out some felt with my pattern.

The felt protects Cissy's stockings from snags.
I added a decorative strap and hot-glued it underneath.

White mules.

Black strappy.

Oh, and I also made a couple handbags.

This black envelope bag.

And this pink clutch.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dressing up Cissy

I was looking through my doll clothes for 
things that might work for Cissy.
 This dress looks AMAZING on Cissy.  
It is actually an American Girl Doll-size Dress

Here it is on my Molly, sweet, but...

 I think it looks perfect on Cissy.

I just tightened the sash and VOILA!
I am considering actually fitting it to Cissy.

 Next I pulled out this leopard print coat.

 When I first got this coat in a lot of misc. doll clothes
I thought it was an AG size coat, but 
I think it was meant for a fashion doll like Cissy.

I decided Cissy needed a hat for this coat, so I whipped this up.

 In that same lot of doll clothes was this knit sweater.

 I think it looks great on Cissy.

I found this partially finished hat from a long ago project 
and decided to finish it for Cissy.
The necklace is rhinestones and belonged to my grandmother.

This pink prom dress I had ordered for another doll. 

Very pretty!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Madame Alexander Cissy Doll

AS usual I was thrifting and almost passed by the doll pile every thrift store seems to have.  
I did a double take before it registered what I was seeing.
 Un-believable! A Madame Alexander Cissy doll from the 1950s
AND wearing her original dress!!

 She was dirty and needed some TLC.

 My biggest worry was her hair.  This is a wig which 
means I must be VERY careful how I handle it.

 Label in her dress.

She got the usual baking soda wash.
She was very yellow.  I'm not sure what causes this.
Usually it is cigarette smoke, but she had no odor at all.

This is yellow from her eyes.  I used a swab dipped in alcohol.

Here she is!

 Her lace is yellowed on the left side.

Previous owner fixed a tear on her skirt.

 I love the back of this dress.  
Look at all those pleats!

I made her earrings and a bracelet.

 Here she is in another vintage dress.

I made her a hat.

And one more vintage outfit.


Saturday, February 04, 2017

New Dresses for Alice

I recently posted about having carelessly let a whole box of doll clothes I had made get thrown out.
Yes, I did.  Because I did not look in a box- all gone.

 Alice's original Wonderland dress was in the box.

 As was this blue dress I handmade and...

these two matching Christmas dresses I made and some more.  I was so upset and wondered for awhile what I would do.  I finally decided to look for pre-made dresses online. I first found dresses from the 1950s for Toni. Lately I have been searching for dresses for my 8" Alice.

The first dress I found was this Madame Alexander blue striped dress.  I thought this might make a great Alice in Wonderland replacement dress! I would have to add an apron and shoes, but I liked it. I waited for it to arrive to be sure it would fit - it fit perfect! So I started looking for other Madame Alexander dresses.  Next came this dress...

The ad said this was a Canadian dress.  I liked the green dress and the bonnet was adorable!  I am not so fond of the purple apron and collar.  I thought it would really be sweet with a white apron. SO, I set it aside and kept looking.

Next I found an ad with TWO dresses together.  I snapped them up and they are adorable!

 I think these are both Little Women dresses. This is Meg's dress

                I love the little pin decoration at the collar - so sweet!

         And this is Beth's dress.  Look at those tiny pleats!

               These dresses are so adorable and have such beautiful details!

 Remember the Canada dress?  I added Meg's apron and doesn't it look great!?

Love this bonnet.

As I was getting ready to snap photos of Alice's new dresses I realized I still needed an apron for her Wonderland dress. 
                  And here it is!  I love how this turned out. Here she is all ready for adventure.

I used some bric-a-brac I had in my fabric bin. 
Not bad, I think I like it.

I almost forgot! Look at these adorable shoes and stripe stockings!

So, Alice and Toni have a new wardrobe and I have had fun shopping for them.